Tips from Brighton Singing Lessons

The main aim of a singer is to spend invaluable time working on the craft of being a live singer and performer. If you really want to improve, I suggest changing the song you are working on once a week by preparing and rehearsing a new song. In this way you will build up to performing by honing new techniques applicable for each different style.

At Brighton Singing Lessons I give my students varied tasks. We concentrate one week on projection,for example and then  pitching, breathing, and sound placement through vowels.

You may also wish to consider the use of movement onstage to enhance your performance, how to avoid this interfering with your vocal technique and have the most impact whilst connecting with your audience. I suggest that there is no better replacement that rehearsing in front of a mirror & then actually asking a friend or family member to film you.

Rehearsal Techniques with Brighton Singing Teacher
Once you have mastered your own voice & how it sounds it is a good idea to move onto the arrangement of vocal harmony parts. This is best practised in a team where you designate a part to each member. The secret here is in the preparation. The more meticulous work you put into really knowing that harmony part a third above the lead, the more vocally confident an approach you will have.

Singing is a very physical and instinctive thing. It can be heard in a singer’s sound and seen in their posture when they are comfortable with the song. There is no replacement for you actually doing it.

Keep using your voice to sing rock, jazz, rap, etc. You will undoubtedly have certain favourite songs although the styles you may not like are ironically the ones you will learn the most from!

Unexplored areas of your voice will give you a fresh perspective on music and this can hopefully be re-invested in your songwriting and your career as a singer. Do get in touch to book lessons! 

Microphone for Singers

Come & improve your vocals with Brighton Singing Lessons!

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