Brighton Weekly Singing Improvements…

Hello, Brighton Singing Lessons here again with another quick update on singing lessons!

Singing is all about getting intimate knowledge of your own voice, and knowing in advance the expected sound that will come out. Isn’t it a luxury having the ability to summon up exactly the right sound that you hold in your own unique musical imagination?

Undoubtedly this does take time and exploration, and you will be required to make some funny noises in the process of dicovering what does & does not work for your singing voice! If you live in Brighton, it is easy to make weekly improvements as you can make ongoing progress by actually recording your voice here with the home studio facilities! You can even get software yourself to do this on your computer now too. So many students have been initially a little worried yet so encouraged with their improvements as I always do everything I can to make people sound good!

Mic from Brighton Singing Lessons

Come and improve through recording your voice at Brighton Singing Lessons

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