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The University of Chichester Songwriting Course

The day that the very forward thinking head of the University of Chichester Music Department said that we could proceed with the brand new Contemporary Songwriting Workshop, was great news! The Songwriting exercises are all written, and as it is the first pilot course, the prices are super reasonable for 4 days of Creative Songwriting. […]

Good Listening Skills from Brighton Singing Lessons and Chris Mountford from the Band Project

You know, this morning I had quite a realisation as I spoke to Chris Mountford, founder of The Band Project. He runs thisĀ , I run this…. Long story short, we were having a brainstorming session about how to develop the vocal side of things at the Band Project to just keep making his vision of […]

Singing by FEEL, not by SOUND – crazy idea, or smart move?

Increased Singing Efficiency

This is a slide that I give away to my singing students. It is such a basic exercise, and also teaches you so much about how to efficiently use your own resonance. If you want to know the secret test, then do come and have a singing lesson with me either on Skype or face […]

How does my voice work?

Fascinating vocal fact


Should I use a Nasal sound or an Oral Sound?