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Chip Jenkins Songs

Well, I have been going on a bit of a frenzy recently making videos for my Brighton Singing Lessons students & now have made one for myself! It is an ond song from an album called Cosmogenic which I co wrote in France with the very amazingly talented Dave Kilminster. At the time it was […]

The Importance of Warming up – Brighton Singing Lessons

When you are on tour, you will have days when your voice is more or less flexible. Just like any person who uses their muscles for their working life, singing is also a profession where in order to maintain being top of your game, you must warm up. Drummers warm up their wrists, sax players […]

Tash Newington – Brighton Vocal Coach

Tash Newington is one of those vocalists with whom it is a pleasure to work with. Always smiling, happy, amenable, willing to try new vocal techniques & even unafraid to try out new vocal ad-libs, she has 100% the mentality of a professional performer! Check out her brand new video All recorded at Brighton Singing […]

New Brighton Singing Lessons Student Video is up!

Marianne is from Chile & is looking to blend her beautiful classical vocal into mainstream pop. We think she is brilliant & would like to wish her success as she is an incredibly unique and classy vocalist!

Singing in Brighton in the Summertime

10 Limited Places for the 3 Singing Lesson Deal!

Brighton Singing Lesson Sale – 10 places only

Emma Davidmann singing her newly written song

Open Mic Nights in Brighton

Develop your singing voice by going to open mic nights in Brighton.

One of my Brighton Singing Students

I am bursting with pride & anticipation here as I write because one of my singing students is nearing the completion of the mix of her first song. I will tell you more about it in good time as we have yet more recording to do and also the business and sales side of things […]

Learn how to Sing in Brighton!

Hi my name is Chip Jenkins… I am a singing teacher at Chichester University in the UK, and the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Sussex Vocal Academy and previously the Academy of Contemporary Music. I set up Brighton Singing Lessons as I  teach singers and voice users in both private & group vocal lessons.