Microphone Technique Tips from Brighton Singing Lessons

Are you bewildered by the concept of how to use a microphone to its best advantage? Read on.
Being a great singer requires vocal training to get the necessary vocal projection, placement and control.
To be heard by the listening public, good microphone use is essential.
Here are a few straightforward tips:
• Avoid putting your thumbs or hands over the part of the microphone where it receives most of the sound.
• The microphone’s mesh head can be removed and washed once unscrewed. It can becomes smelly from saliva (yeuch!), Wash the foam inlay by removing it gently and rinsing in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Let it dry completely before replacing.
• When soundchecking in an empty hall, remember that the sound changes once packed with people. Humans’ clothes and bodies absorb an enormous amount of sound.
• When playing at a festival outdoors in the summer, the weather influences the sound and how it carries. On a dry day the air molecules are dry and carry the sound faster. On a wet day, each damp air molecule is heavy. This means that the vibrations in the air cannot happen as fast, and the sound will be duller. An example of this is when you can hear planes flying overhead a lot clearer on a dry sunny day.
• When singing a song with particularly low notes, change the EQ on your track to boost the bass – you won’t have to sing those low notes quite so loud and the sound of your lower register will be stronger.
• Pull back off the mic when you go for your full projection to avoid overpowering your audience.

If you would like a lesson in any of the above and would like to find out more, click here.

Lady Gaga with her Favourite Microphone - Shure SM58

Lady Gaga with her Favourite Microphone - Shure SM58

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