Free Singing Rhythm Tool

IMG_2159For those of you who are meticulous when it comes to practising, this is A really great free metronome online.

I used to play drums when I was a kid and one of the often overlooked areas of singing in tempo, pace, rhythm and phrasing.

If you sing funk, rock, pop, jazz or any contemporary style if you only concentrate on extending your vocal range, you may forget to groove.

One of those magic things if it is there, groove to me is one of the best ways to contribute as a musician. Yes, singers can show off how high or low they can sing, how many melismas per second that they can add in or how passionate they are about being on a stage.

Those who have the wisdom whilst singing to ‘sit in the pocket’ (a term used by drummers to express when the drum part feels relaxed, in the groove and steady as a rock) add so much to the overall musicality of what they are singing about.

So, next time when you wonder, “hmm, what else can I focus on within my singing, music or phrasing?”, have fun with the free metronome!

All the best to you – keep singing!

Chip (Singing Teacher in Brighton)

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