Building a compelling performance

The desired effect is to visually communicate what you are doing musically with greater clarity. the good news is that you don’t have to be physically perfect to have onstage appeal & charisma!

There are some easy to apply performance techniques that can be used by everyone to make your performance more varied and therefore, more interesting!

  • While you sing onstage, ensure that in chosen sections of the song you are standing absolutely still. More difficult than it sounds, this has been used to great effect by singers onstage for every genre!
  • To contrast, in every other section, employ the use of movement, using up the space onstage
  • As Street Performers do, try using the element of surprise
  • Eye contact with specific members of the audience
  • Facial expression
  • Use of gestures
  • Alternating giving attention to each side of the audience
  • Keeping everything slow.
    Learn how to be a compelling performer

    Learn how to be a compelling performer

    Learn how to be a compelling Performer

When you are preparing ideas, make notes by the sections of lyrics –

I suggest 8-bars are long enough for each new concept. Stick to your plan, and rehearse until it feels more comfortable. It will feel strange at first until you have built up muscle memory.

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