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How does my voice work?

Singers Checklist

Years ago I made up this checklist to assist singers with absorbing new songs. I did this as I had some students who had to learn vast amounts of songs for covers gigs etc. I am now sharing it with you in case it helps you with your singing?  How many bars’ introduction? It is as […]

Breaking down vocal licks, ornamentation, and embellishments

To enable yourself to be more comfortable with vocal licks, keep things as flexible, light and fluid as you can. Dissect the phrase you are working on by slowing it down and dividing it up into easy chunks Note down the visual ‘shape’ of the phrase Aim for precision by including all of the notes at […]

How can you avoid Explosive Consonants when singing?

The most explosive consonants to watch out for are b, p, d, t, k, and g. There are ways to sing these consonants without having a sudden explosion of air & I would suggest that for those of you who are gigging, it is pretty important to get to grips with this. B – Simply […]

Singers near Brighton – Students Promote your music!

SInging students from Brighton Singing Lessons encourage each other to raise their game…

Brighton Singing Lessons – tips on Mic use

Microphone Technique Tips I have been teaching singers for quite a while and it is a common occurrence that singers can be almost intimidated by the sound of their own voices being amplified. Stemming from this perhaps, there can also be quite a bit of confusion about how to use a microphone to get the […]

Interview about Singing, Psychology and Music

Hello! Chip Jenkins here from Brighton Singing Lessons and London Singing Lessons! I had an interesting set of questions posed to me recently by a budding music student about Singing Music and Psychology which I wanted to share with you here.. 1. In what ways do you think music and psychology are related? Chip’s Answer: […]

Video with touring singer Olga Taal – How she keeps her energy strong on tour

It has been great fun working on vocal technique and vocal warm ups with Olga Taal as she has been going on tour a lot recently. Check out the little video I recorded with the excellent singer here The band Trip to Dover is a ground-breaking female fronted 4 piece band.

Onstage Confidence

Check out the video (part 1) all about onstage confidence.

Video about Nodules, Vocal Health and advice from London Singing Lessons