Interview about Singing, Psychology and Music


Chip Jenkins here from Brighton Singing Lessons and London Singing Lessons! I had an interesting set of questions posed to me recently by a budding music student about Singing Music and Psychology which I wanted to share with you here..

1. In what ways do you think music and psychology are related?

Chip’s Answer: I would say that anything that human’s do as a performance has a lot to do with your state of mind. The best singers I have taught over the years have clear focus & goals whilst learning their musical craft. Many singing students arrive & are understandably nervous, so as a vocal teacher it is important to put people at ease & help them to realise that the more they have hands on experience the better a musician they will be. Music is an extraordinary gift at times and a “wriggling squid” at other times! Sometimes when we are performing we have to quieten down the self critical voice in order to get to the most beautiful musical expression.
2. How does your vocal coaching benefit people in a therapeutic way?
Chip’s Answer: The simplest way of answering this question is by saying that many times voice students arrived frazzled from their work/lives etc. They nearly always leave smiling once having had a good sing!
3. Do you run workshops, and if so, what age groups do you cater for?
Chip’s Answer:No, I used to, but the organisational side of this is quite intense!
4. If you have any clients with a disability or behavioural problem, what techniques do you use?
Chip’s Answer: I have a student with Aspergers who is very talented at music and sometimes doubts their abilities to understand the lesson so we keep in regular email contact in between lessons to ensure that they have understood things. I also regularly have people with dyslexia/dyspraxia.  Dyslexia seems to go hand in hand with musical talent, and in my experience as longs as one finds out whether the learner is a visual learner, auditory digital or kinaesthetic then the lessons can be targeted much better.
5. Do you have any employees to help you with the administrative side of the business?
Chip’s Answer: No, previously yes when I ran an agency, but sadly no longer. I have a bookeeper to help me keep accounts & an accountant who once a year assists in filling out my tax return.

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