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Interview about Singing, Psychology and Music

Hello! Chip Jenkins here from Brighton Singing Lessons and London Singing Lessons! I had an interesting set of questions posed to me recently by a budding music student about Singing Music and Psychology which I wanted to share with you here.. 1. In what ways do you think music and psychology are related? Chip’s Answer: […]

Singing Review from Brighton Singing Lessons

Have you ever stood & watched a singer onstage breathing correctly? If you haven’t, get googling! I have done a free video on diaphragm use with a free singing exercise incorporated into the video if you would like somewhere to start… If you can get yourself down to Brighton in the UK for some vocal […]

New Brighton Singing Lessons Video – James Stathatos

James had a lovely comment to make as he had attended several singing lessons. Hi Chip, I didn’t have the chance to say this so thank you so much for all your help with my singing over the last few months you’ve been teaching me. It has really helped me improve my singing, my understanding […]

Your voice expresses who you are!

How we sound represents who we are! Our voices can sound Confident, Assertive, Friendly, Trustworthy, Attractive, Sincere or even Humorous. It is time we realised the effect our voice has on our life. Vocal training is not just about scales or breathing exercises. Successful voice use magnetizes opportunity and creates a new world of day to […]

Professional Brighton Singing Lessons Student – Alix Penfold

My hat goes off to the wonderful Alix Penfold for her singing professionalism… If Brighton Singing Lessons has a hat, that is 🙂

Emma Davidmann singing her newly written song

X Factor Auditions

Brand new to this year’s X-Factor audition process was the video upload to show your vocal talent – but it’s not too late to audition in the traditional way!

One of my Brighton Singing Students

I am bursting with pride & anticipation here as I write because one of my singing students is nearing the completion of the mix of her first song. I will tell you more about it in good time as we have yet more recording to do and also the business and sales side of things […]

Chip Jenkins – Business Networking on Ecademy

{{desc}} via Chip Jenkins – Business Networking on Ecademy.

Video from Brighton Singing Lessons

New video up on you tune about breathing and the diaphragm from Chip Jenkins (Brighton Singing Lessons)