Breathing Exercise – Singing Lessons Brighton

Breathing Techniques

Today you can start with a warm up, designed to check that you are breathing correctly, and this will also help you to focus on your tone production.


Lying on the floor breathing excercise

This is an ideal opportunity for you to learn how to judge your own breathing and gain smooth control to improve your tone. Do this exercise when you are on your own so you can really monitor the steadiness of the flow of air when you exhale and push out the last remaining “drops”.

It is a long- term exercise, for building stamina and steadiness; very basic, but crucial for good singing habits.

  • Let the whole length of your body relax until you have the sensation that you are “melting” into the floor.
  • Take in a slow breath, via the mouth, and let your tummy rise, then hold. Very slowly, release the breath, taking care to measure the amount of air you are exhaling as you go – don’t let it all out at once like an escaped balloon!
  • When you have exhaled as much as you think you can, start to gently squeeze your stomach muscles to see if you can get any more air – you may surprise yourself.

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