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How to use Theory for your Singing & Songwriting

Quick tips on how to get theory working for you in your songwriting…

How can you avoid Explosive Consonants when singing?

The most explosive consonants to watch out for are b, p, d, t, k, and g. There are ways to sing these consonants without having a sudden explosion of air & I would suggest that for those of you who are gigging, it is pretty important to get to grips with this. B – Simply […]

Contact from a professional singer about Vocal Health

Recently I got an email from a singer in the USA asking about the video I made about nodules & how the voice works. I thought that you may be interested in the reply I gave: EXCELLENT VIDEO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS. I’M AN ADVANCED SINGER WHO OPTED OUT OF SURGERY FOR […]

Produced by Chip Jenkins

Well as a vocalist & songwriter, it was very interesting to be thinking of arrangement, drum fills, basslines, keyboard sounds and whether Rachel could comfortably sing the right number of syllables within each line. Here is the 1st of the 3 tracks that we co-wrote together called “With Poison”.

The Importance of Warming up – Brighton Singing Lessons

When you are on tour, you will have days when your voice is more or less flexible. Just like any person who uses their muscles for their working life, singing is also a profession where in order to maintain being top of your game, you must warm up. Drummers warm up their wrists, sax players […]