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Contact from a professional singer about Vocal Health

Recently I got an email from a singer in the USA asking about the video I made about nodules & how the voice works. I thought that you may be interested in the reply I gave: EXCELLENT VIDEO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS. I’M AN ADVANCED SINGER WHO OPTED OUT OF SURGERY FOR […]

Video with touring singer Olga Taal – How she keeps her energy strong on tour

It has been great fun working on vocal technique and vocal warm ups with Olga Taal as she has been going on tour a lot recently. Check out the little video I recorded with the excellent singer here The band Trip to Dover is a ground-breaking female fronted 4 piece band.

Questionnaire about singing teaching

1. How long have you been teaching for? I have been teaching for 12 years now, starting with the Academy of Contemporary Music In Guildford, then Chichester Uni & BIMM. Also Private Students. 2. What were the main skills you needed in order to become a singing teacher? Music Skills such as Aural Perception, Basic […]

Produced by Chip Jenkins

Well as a vocalist & songwriter, it was very interesting to be thinking of arrangement, drum fills, basslines, keyboard sounds and whether Rachel could comfortably sing the right number of syllables within each line. Here is the 1st of the 3 tracks that we co-wrote together called “With Poison”.

Pt 5. Pitch – tips from a Brighton Singing Teacher

Intonation or pitch is the holy grail of singers. Without it, you could have the most beautiful vocal tone in the world, but you will have trouble singing for a whole gig… We all want to avoid singing sharp or flat, yet this is easier said than done. Which other instruments can you think of […]

Pt 4: Brighton Vocal Coach tips

Does life seem like a never ending confusing set of vocal techniques? Just as you have learnt about vocal tone, you may be focusing in on pitch, then working on ironing out the differences between your chest, mixed and head voice. To produce a slick & professional sounding voice all of these aspects of singing […]

Lauren Goodsmith – Brighton Singer Songwriter

Lauren Goodsmith is an example of a subtle vocalist with a jazzy lilt mixing folk guitar with rich tones to create a fresh singer-songwriter sound. As a Brighton Vocal Coach, I am lucky to hear all sorts of different singers creating songs and using their voices. Lauren provided me with some great photos to capture […]

Singing Review from Brighton Singing Lessons

Have you ever stood & watched a singer onstage breathing correctly? If you haven’t, get googling! I have done a free video on diaphragm use with a free singing exercise incorporated into the video if you would like somewhere to start… If you can get yourself down to Brighton in the UK for some vocal […]

Brighton Singing Lessons – Whitnee Springfield, advanced vocalist

Whitnee is an advanced singer, already out gigging with her own band Derider. http://www.bandmix.co.uk/derider/ At Brighton Singing Lessons HQ, we worked together on elements of recording this vocal “The Only Exception” by Paramore.

New Brighton Singing Lessons Video – James Stathatos

James had a lovely comment to make as he had attended several singing lessons. Hi Chip, I didn’t have the chance to say this so thank you so much for all your help with my singing over the last few months you’ve been teaching me. It has really helped me improve my singing, my understanding […]