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Posture & How it relates to your singing voice

There is a lot to teach about posture, however, for the purpose of this blog, I am going to lightly introduce a new concept to some of you. I have made a 4 minute video about this very subject here

Slightly comical singing exercise for you to try from Brighton Singing Lessons

How to use Theory for your Singing & Songwriting

Quick tips on how to get theory working for you in your songwriting…

Questionnaire about singing teaching

1. How long have you been teaching for? I have been teaching for 12 years now, starting with the Academy of Contemporary Music In Guildford, then Chichester Uni & BIMM. Also Private Students. 2. What were the main skills you needed in order to become a singing teacher? Music Skills such as Aural Perception, Basic […]

Pt 5. Pitch – tips from a Brighton Singing Teacher

Intonation or pitch is the holy grail of singers. Without it, you could have the most beautiful vocal tone in the world, but you will have trouble singing for a whole gig… We all want to avoid singing sharp or flat, yet this is easier said than done. Which other instruments can you think of […]

Chip Jenkins – Business Networking on Ecademy

{{desc}} via Chip Jenkins – Business Networking on Ecademy.

Singers – Writing charts for your musicians!

Singers! If you are trying to run your own band and wish to save rehearsal time, this little nifty link can really help…¬†http://www.blanksheetmusic.net This is a super useful link of you need Blank Sheet Music for use with your band. Once all the musicians have a chart, it is so much easier to get everyone […]

Christmas Singing Lessons in Brighton

Happy Christmas from Brighton Singing Lessons

Self-Promotion in the Music Industry

All artists now have extraordinary access to some incredible self promotional tools. Most recently we had the discussion with the students from the Leeds College of Music about branding & promoting yourself in your music career. I used something that Karen Davies (expert Marketeer) had taught me whilst setting up my band and my agency […]

Singing Lessons Sale!

Brighton Vocal Singing Tuition in East Sussex – Easter Sale!