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Christmas Singing Lessons in Brighton

Happy Christmas from Brighton Singing Lessons

Christmas Present – Recording of your loved one’s Singing!

Christmas Present of Singing Lessons & how Recording during Singing Lessons has helped Vocal Technique.

Microphone Technique Tips from Brighton Singing Lessons

Are you bewildered by the concept of how to use a microphone to its best advantage? Read on. Being a great singer requires vocal training to get the necessary vocal projection, placement and control. To be heard by the listening public, good microphone use is essential. Here are a few straightforward tips: • Avoid putting […]

Building a compelling performance

Just a few ideas to help you develop your vocal and onstage performance!

I am now officially a Local Brighton Tutor!

I have just found out about a great new site for tutors (this can apply to singing tutors & other subjects too!) Check out the profile at

Self-Promotion in the Music Industry

All artists now have extraordinary access to some incredible self promotional tools. Most recently we had the discussion with the students from the Leeds College of Music about branding & promoting yourself in your music career. I used something that Karen Davies (expert Marketeer) had taught me whilst setting up my band and my agency […]

Musicians and Singers – excellent resource!

As you may know by now, here at Brighton Singing Lessons you can get access to some of the most relevant information for singers. Well, a little while ago I set up this super useful Amazon shop of recommended singing books. It offers a variety of free music lessons for beginners and advanced musicians. I have hand-picked […]

How to actually work on your Singing goals and not just network

Hello Again! As you may have found out by now, it is great to network, put your name out there and swap numbers with fellow musicians! You may also have realised that to spend time building up myspace, facebook and other ways of networking including face to face can take up time. The singers I […]