Singing for the sake of the song

A producer I have worked with said that a good singer needs to have the ability to tune in to what is needed for the song style, and be able to provide the right sound, whatever it may be.

So what does that mean?

Well, I have had the occasional session where I have had to put my own personal taste aside. When I produce myselfI often find I have a vision of what is best for the track,  so this will require me to have an array of different vocal approaches in a session.

For example, at the beginning of a session, I will have a freshness to my voice that will not be there later on. But what you lose in freshness, you gain in flexibility & warmth.

It is often a good idea to tell yourself that the first couple of sessions are ‘just for fun’ to ‘test the sound out’ whilst keeping the takes that you do. This takes the pressure off. Remember that that conscious brain is the one that as you are singing will be chattering away saying “Is this good, is this bad, am I in tune, oops went a bit wrong there” etc. While you are in recording mode, SUSPEND JUDGEMENT! I cannot iterate this point strongly enough. The discerning choice making part comes later when you edit….

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