How to use Theory for your Singing & Songwriting

Hi Singers!

The first thing that strikes fear into a vocalists heart is how to ensure that theory becomes a tool that they can use. None of us want to become a slave to theory exercises!

You would be surprised how easy it is to get great results from very basic & easy to use techniques. Motivation really comes from having a result that sounds really musical and excites you!

So, for a quick boost of enthusiasm, let’s try writing a simple song on the basis of being commissioned to write for someone else! I find that when you write for someone else you can get better results….

1. To find out what is an easy key for you to sing in click on all of the scales here Start by choosing a scale which suits you and work from there.

2. Next up, work out what BPM you would like to use – are you writing a dancefloor classic? If so, 120 BPM would be a good start. Or are you wanting to write a thought provoking mid-tempo song? Perhaps try 100BPM. For a free metronome click here

Lastly, if you would like to generate some ideas for slightly unusual chords – have a browse here

See you soon!


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