Audition Opportunity – Brighton Singers

Born to Shine is a prime-time ITV 1 series this summer, which has a unique mix of showcasing young talent, expert performers and UK & International guest stars as well as a celebrity challenge – – where each of our young stars teaches a celebrity to learn their skill to performance level.

We are working closely with Save the Children who have launched their “No Child is Born to Die” campaign that every child does have potential – Born to Shine is a celebration of that potential.

We are hoping to include talented 11-16 (max 17) year olds to be part of Born to Shine. Each of the first 5 episodes sees 3 talented youngsters from a range of disciplines (gymnastic, dance, music, etc) and their celebrity protégé battle it out in front of experts, judges and the public. One star per episode will go through to the ultimate showdown in the finals.

We are interested in people of all disciplines but I am currently focusing particularly on talented singers – pop, ballad, etc. It would be brilliant if you are able to put forward your most talented students in our age range that you think would be brilliant for the show.

I look forward to hearing from you. I can be contacted via email or my direct dial is 02071574973.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Hermione Drew | Researcher | ITV Studios | ITV plc
Upper Ground | London | SE1 9LT | Tel: 02071574973 |

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