Singing Review from Brighton Singing Lessons

Have you ever stood & watched a singer onstage breathing correctly? If you haven’t, get googling! I have done a free video on diaphragm use with a free singing exercise incorporated into the video if you would like somewhere to start…

If you can get yourself down to Brighton in the UK for some vocal coaching, then you can contact me via my website Brighton Singing Lessons

In the meantime, happy working on your vocal with your singing teacher!
This week we cover Breathing and Posture as your breath control affects your vocal tone & your pitch it is wise to focus on learning about Breathing and Posture as they go hand in hand.
In One to one lessons we cover easy and effective warm ups to strengthen your voice and add flexibility, covering breathing techniques and correct posture for vocalists.
Why is it important to have the correct support when breathing in order to have control over your voice? Well, as a singer, your breathing affects the closure of your vocal folds. It is the flow of air which makes it possible for you to produce a good quality steady sound.
The goals for this lesson are to:
• Understand the benefits of correct breathing technique and posture
• Learn how to breathe from your entire body
• Learn the benefits of using solid breathing techniques
• Learn how to “ground” your body & your voice to produce a richer sound.

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