The Importance of Warming up – Brighton Singing Lessons

When you are on tour, you will have days when your voice is more or less flexible. Just like any person who uses their muscles for their working life, singing is also a profession where in order to maintain being top of your game, you must warm up. Drummers warm up their wrists, sax players soften their reeds & remind themselves where their fingertips need to be placed. Singers warm up not only their voices, but ideally their posture too. Again, if you live in the UK and would like vocal coaching in my studio in Brighton do contact me.

Warm ups and strengthening the voice
In this lesson, you will focus on warming up & also learn great vocal strengthening exercises. This lesson is the bedrock of your singing career. The warm-ups and strengthening exercises you get in this lesson can be learned easily. When you have mastered them they will give you vocal strength and steady preparation to sing. The ability to warm up and the strengthening your voice cannot be underlined enough. In addition, the warm ups also help you to dramatically improve your voice. The time you spend practising these techniques pay off one hundred fold when you come to be out gigging!

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