Professional Brighton Singing Lessons Student – Alix Penfold

Soul SongstressI wanted to feature a wonderful singer called Alix Penfold for today’s blog.

Alix came while she was already gigging. An experienced vocalist with hundreds of gigs, auditions and recordings under her belt, Alix came along to Brighton Singing Lessons to perfect just one tiny aspect of her singing.

Perhaps this can inspire you to higher heights as even though Alix is a brilliant vocalist, she still has the mentality that there is always something new to be learnt – it is just this very attitude that keeps her alive as a performer.

This is Alix’s Story…

“I’ve been singing professionally for 10 years and never had singing lessons (which is not something to be proud of) I’ve just always to busy doing it to learn it!!

I wanted singing lessons, to find out why I lost my voice after doing just one gig – when people were able to do it night after night without voice loss; one gig a week wasn’t going to result in a lasting successful career.

I realized  my voice was the tool of my trade and other than natural ability I knew nothing about how it worked and wanted to learn more!

The biggest thing I learnt in lessons with Chip (apart from the mechanics of  the vocal folds) was that state of mind and mentally preparing yourself for singing – is key! After learning about constriction I realized I did that frequently. This caused me to lose my voice and hamper my ability.

This technique can be applied everytime you sing, and has helped me tremendously, helping me regain confidence in my own ability, as I often (as we all do too easily) put it down to not having ‘what it takes’ which in turn affects your performance!

Having taken this on board this way of thinking, by having better knowledge of constriction and retraction of the larynx & how this influences the vocal chords I have worked on perfecting this technique. This has already and will continue to enable me to approach singing in a more confident and knowledgeable way. This is peace of mind & goes full circle in relation to mental preparation.

My career, like most has taken many twists and turns, and at the moment I’m working on writing and producing my own music, also doing various west end variety shows and auditions, and gig frequently for top class function bands. Also working on getting credits through session work for current and up and coming artists.

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