Open Mic Nights in Brighton

What I love about my job is when I coach someone who has a fantastic voice, really has no idea and we then start doing some career goal-setting together.

For example, one particular male vocalist (you know who you are) has a particularly musical ear, a wonderful tone, pretty superb range and he also works really hard on his singing exercises by drawing illustrations to go with what we worked on in class! What more could Brighton Singing lessons ask for of a student 🙂

Anyway, ages ago, when we were doing some goal setting he decided that a good way to showcase his newfound skills would be to perform at open mic nights in Brighton

So, now it has become a regular challenge that he sets himself. A few exercises, a few rehearsal sessions and some singing lessons then some actual ‘market research’ by singing in front of a real live audience of complete strangers.

If you can’t come for singing lessons due to location or price, check out this great singing software.

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