You tube footage – Brighton Singer Songwriter

Music Industry Coaching - Brighton Singing LessonsAnother fun element to teaching singers is that every now & then a talented songwriter comes my way. This time I have had the pleasure of assisting an extremely bright young lady called Emma Davidmann to pop up a couple of videos onto YouTube! As more and more people are now able to film themselves singing we wanted to join in partly for fun and partly to get moving forwards in letting people hear Emma’s songs.

To those of you who are in the same boat I am going to pass on my coach’s advice: do not die of perfectionitis!
What does this mean?

Well, I interpret it to mean that just because something is not 100% perfect, don’t sit around worrying about it while others around you take action & leave you sitting in the dust! People are far more likely to believe in you and your music (especially in the UK) if there is the odd ‘real’ moment in your recording and quick video.

So Emma and I sat on the roof at Brighton Singing Lessons HQ & simply got on with filming to get something done. Ironically, the filming went really quickly as Emma is the consummate artist who just got on with it & sang her song 🙂
If you would like to get your music out there, set up your own viral marketing campaign, recording or youtube footage come and take advantage of the special offer for all keen singing enthusiasts & come down to Brighton!

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