Getting the song in the the right key for your voice

So many of us love songs interpreted by others, yet find it hard to get our range to cover all the  notes in the song. Sound a familiar situation?

My best advice is to work out with one other sympathetic musician. Together you can work out how much to transpose the song by & then progress from there. Of course there are certain keys that are easier for musicians to play in than others – my guitarist always used to tease me rotten as one of my favourite keys was Eb (a nightmare for him to play in) So, it is best to work with a musician to find out what will work. If a guitarist is using drop-D tuning for example this will dictate the key.

Again, for Pianists, depending on the confidence of the player, certain keys are easier than others.

Once you have decided on the song, if it is a cover you can

  • Find the lyrics off the internet (copy the chords with the lyrics on the top, ready to paste in the next section)
  • Then go to this link paste in your chords & lyrics and the website amazingly transposes everything for you!

This is an amazing time-saver if you do feel the need to transpose. Remember to always work with your other musicians so that everyone benefits from the transposition!

Piano Accompaniment

Work alongside your musicians to find the best key for the song

Chip Jenkins

Brighton Singing Lessons

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