Christmas Singing Lessons in Brighton

Singing Angel

Happy Christmas from Brighton Singing Lessons!

I teach singers all year round, but I do find that as Christmas approaches (and perhaps the New Year?) people are looking for something to uplift their spirits. Let’s face it, although it is wonderful to look forward to something such as Christmas, once January approaches we all know we have a challenging couple of months with dark mornings & evenings & pretty cold weather to be expected.

I am super lucky living in Brighton as I do, but also thank my lucky stars that I have singing in my life as quite frankly there is nothing quite like a good sing to cheer you up!

So, if you have bought all Christmas Presents for your loved ones & fancy getting yourself something to look forward to, I have a dastardly plan! You can have more fun in one hour’s singing lesson than you would have thought possible. If you live in Brighton, come to Kemptown, If you don’t live in Brighton, well then have a trip to the seaside & a singing lesson to look treat yourself to!

I know I am being cheeky, but singing cheers me up & does that to me 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas! x

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