Christmas Present – Recording of your loved one’s Singing!

Record Singing Voice

Vocal Studio Techniques

If you would like to buy a loved one a valued Christmas Present of Singing Lessons this year, you are in luck!

So many of the Brighton Singing Lesson students this year have learnt how to improve their technique by hearing back their own vocals as soon as they have done a vocal take! Many have commented that although this is at first ‘scary’ it has been the most focused fun they have ever had. Sitting in the position of observer as their singing teacher, I must say that I have heard huge improvements in their singing.

At first, I started using some software on my computer as a type of experiment to see if it helped people and their singing technique. It became apparent very quickly that despite the widespread use of home studio equipment, people are really not sure how to get themselves to sound better. Studio sound engineers themselves are also not always able to express in singer’s terms how to improve the sound of the voice.

I help people not only improve their diction, mic technique and vowel production, I am also able to explain the vocal anatomy & how it works to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your lips, tongue, and vocal folds.

You may be interested in the singers resource page on the website as there are also some useful articles on home studio equipment.

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