How to actually work on your Singing goals and not just network

Hello Again!

As you may have found out by now, it is great to network, put your name out there and swap numbers with fellow musicians! You may also have realised that to spend time building up myspace, facebook and other ways of networking includinSingers Career Coaching at Brighton Singing Lessonsg face to face can take up time.

The singers I have worked with who have gone on to be successful have always had one thing in common. They are not afraid to “go underground” for a little while as they actually work on:

1. Writing and/or Recording their music

2. Spend time building trust with their team

3. (and if you are a DIY artist) Building what is called the “back-end” systems ie. a system to actually sell their music, not just give it away for free

Any business is only as good as its back-end system. What do I mean by this?

Well, imagine you had seen the most amazing pair of jeans ever, their marketing campaign was amazing. Their billboard, facebook, myspace and other advertising was amazing. Your coolest friends owned a pair. So, you manage to pull together enough funds to hunt down the exclusive shop where you could buy a pair of these amazing jeans. You by now are blown away, they fit, make you look sexy and are the best you have ever tried on. But now, you want to pay by credit card. Oh dear. They have no system to take your payment. The staff are not trained in customer service and just say “tough”. You beg to pay by cheque, but instead they say it is cash only. They have just lost a customer.

Ok, so maybe you loved them so much that you think you would go back again & pay for them when you have cash, but the fact is that losing a sale (even if it is an MP3 costing 79p!) can mean that in today’s fast paced world, the risk is that you may go on to shop elsewhere and find an alternative.

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